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curriculum vitae  Dott. Francesco Di Pisa

Francesco  Di Pisa (Mantova,  June 16th, 1949) fdipisa@alice.it 329-6171926

-         Doctor Degree in Statistics, University of Rome, Italy, 1976 (Magna cum Laude).

-         National Research Council-Italy, Mathematical Sciences Committee: Fellowships years 1978 and 1979.

-         Degree in Mathematics (Master of Science), University of Kentucky - Lexington, USA, 1979.

-         Senior Scientist, CHIRON SpA, Siena, ITALY.

Head of Biostatistics Laboratory since Jan 1992.

-         Professor of DataBase, Department of Information Engineering (former School of Informatics), University of Siena since 1989.

-         Qualified in Computer Systems Validation - Weinberg, Spelton & Sax Inc.- USA, The Center for Professional Advancement, Amsterdam NL, 1995.

-         Patent holder (Brev.Inv.Italia 68155 A/84, 19/11/84), ”Computerized Device for inert gas saturation control in human body tissues”. Silver Medal Prize for Quality of the Invention at the 13th International Invention Exibition, Geneve CH, 1985.

Member of the following Scientific Societies:

-         American Association of Artificial Intelligence, AAAI.

-         Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE;

- Computer Society, IEEE-CS.

-         Association of Computing Machinery, ACM;

- Special Interest Group in BIOmedical computing, ACM-SIGBIO;

-         American Statistical Association, ASA;

- Subsections: Biometrics, Biopharmaceutical, Statistical Computing & Graphics, Epidemiology, Bayesian Statistical Science, Physical & Engineering Sciences, Quality & Productivity.

-         Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, SIAM;

- Activity Group in Life Sciences, SIAM-LS.

Past Relevant Experiences

-         Olivetti Sistemi per l'Automazione Industriale (OSAI-Allen Bradley), Ivrea (TO),  Software Designer, 1980-1981.

-         Centro Studi e Laboratori di Telecomunicazioni (CSELT), SIP-STET Turin, Researcher, Network & Systems Division, 1981-1983.

-         SCLAVO SpA di Siena, Research Information Systems Expert. Roles: 1)  Responsible Research Centre Scientific Computing, 2) Project Leader “Biomedical Image Analysis” project, 3) Responsible, "Informatica Individuale, Dipartimentale e di R/S aziendale”, 1985-1992.

-         Consultant, Dipartimento di Scienze Oftalmologiche e Neurochirurgiche and C.R.I.S.A.T.O. (Centro per la Ricerca Interdipartimentale delle Affezioni Tumorali dell’Occhio), Director Prof. R. Frezzotti. Expert in Epidemiology, Clinical Databases Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Biostatistics and Information Technologies, 1993-1999.

Fields of Interest & Research

Intelligent User Interfaces, Declarative Specification Languages, Cognitive Database Modelling, Log-Linear Models and Contingency Tables in Knowledge Discovery, Data Minining & Learning, Agent Theory, Web Marking Knowledge. Applied Logic for Knowledge Base Representation, Mathematical Methods & Software for Approximation & Imaging, Validation & Verification of Intelligent Systems.

Most Relevant Pubblications

- Di Pisa F. et al. ”Design and Implementation of a Relational Database used in the Management of Patients with Retinoblastoma”. Computers and Biomedical Research - 30, 273-289 (1997).

- Podda A., Di Pisa F. et al. ”Comparative study of a whole-cell pertussis vaccine and a recombinant acellular pertussis vaccine”. Journal of Pediatrics, pp.921-926 (1994).

- Berti G., Di Pisa F., et al. ”Analysis and composition of elementary shapes of X-Ray diffraction peaks by means of the relational model”. Proceedings XXX AICA Annual Conference, Siena, Italy (1992).

- Berti  G., Di Pisa F., et al. ”Cristy: a computer system to determine the crystallinity by means of the X-Ray powder diffractometry”. Proceedings XXX AICA Annual Conference, Siena, Italy (1992).

- Berti G., Di Pisa F. ”Semantic pattern visualization in X-ray powder diffractometry”. Third Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing, Viareggio, Italy (1992).

- Di Pisa F. et al. ”Italian Register for Retinoblastoma: Pros and cons of a retrospective statistical study”. Ophthalmic Pediatrics and Genetics, 12, 2, 73-78 (1991).

- Di Pisa F. et al. ”Medical Informatics. A semantic approach  to  clinical epidemiology: The  retinoblastoma  case”. Proceedings XXX AICA Annual Conference, Siena, Italy (1991).

- Di Pisa F. et al. ”Epidemiological Analysis of the Italian Retinoblastoma Register and insights into the pathogenesis of the disease”. Orbit, 9, 4, 269-276 (1990).

- Di Pisa F. et al. ”Retinoblastoma: analysis of 75 cases and proposal for a new model of oncogenesis and tumor growth kinetics”. Ophthalmic Pediatrics and Genetics, 10, 3, 161-171 (1989).

- Di  Pisa  F., Leonardi  M. ”Procedimento e dispositivo per la determinazione, durante un'immersione subacquea, di parametri che influenzano le condizioni  di sicurezza dell'immersione”. Brev.Inv.Italia 68155 A/84 del 19/11/84. Ministero Industria, Commercio e Artigianato (1984)


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